15 ideas for creating a first birthday book

The first year of parenthood is an extremely proud moment, but it’s also one that calls for celebration. That’s why we’re here! Our baby albums capture those precious moments and turn them into keepsake memories you’ll cherish forever – whether your little ones were born last week or three years ago (or somewhere in between).

We’ve created this blog post to provide you with some tips, tricks, and ideas for creating your first birthday book.

  1. Select your photos – Use photos from all stages of your baby’s life – from birth to the present day – to create a timeline of their first year.
  2. Create a page for each month, highlighting key milestones and events.
  3. Add personalisation – Add a personal touch to your album with hand-drawn illustrations, quotes, poems or songs.
  4. Talk about how you felt when your baby was born.
  5. Write down memorable moments or funny stories.
  6. Have friends and family write down their thoughts and well wishes for your babies future
  7. Include a family tree
  8. Add in photos of your baby with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins
  9. Use the front and back covers to document your pregnancy journey. Include ultrasound pictures, bump photos, and snaps from the hospital.
  10. Include photos of the baby with family and friends
  11. Add a page for the baby’s hands and footprints
  12. Capture their personality – Add photos that show off your baby’s unique personality, whether they’re serious or silly!
  13. First birthday milestones – Use the milestone stickers included in your album to document things like sitting up unaided, taking
  14. End with a photo of the baby on their first birthday

Getting started with us

At Good Times Albums, we offer a first birthday book design and print service. We will work with you to create a beautiful, bespoke album that captures your baby’s first year in a way that is unique to you.

Get started today! Browse our options

We hope you enjoyed these tips and ideas for creating your first birthday book. If you need any help getting started, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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