How to create a family memory book

A sentimental journey that lasts a lifetime

In this fast-paced world, we often forget to take a moment and cherish the precious time spent with our loved ones. But what if you could capture those beautiful family memories and showcase them in a tangible way? Family memory books are a wonderful and thoughtful way to preserve those great memories for generations to come.

In this blog post, we will explore different types of memory books, offer tips on how to create a family memory book, and discuss how to order a batch of exquisite memory books as gifts for family and friends. So, let’s get started on this heart warming journey!

What is a memory book?

A memory book is a collection of memories, photos, and memorabilia, either in physical or digital form, that captures significant moments in one’s life or the life of their family. It serves as a personal keepsake or can be shared with others to preserve and celebrate special moments and relationships. Typically, people include photos, text, clippings, illustrations, captions, and mementos in their memory books.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can add. The objective is to create something that immortalises the special and momentous occasions in your life. How you go about it is entirely up to you. There is a unique and intimate quality to physical memory books that you can hold in your hands and flip through.

Different types of memory books

There are various types of memory books that can be created, each with its own unique purpose and audience. To begin, it’s essential to choose the right kind of memory book that fits your family’s personality and preferences. Here are a few types to consider:

Traditional photo albums

Opt for a classic album style where you can insert printed photos into pockets, slots, or adhesive pages. This type of memory book is ideal for families who prefer a clean and straightforward layout with minimal embellishments.


Get your creative juices flowing and customise your memory book by incorporating different elements such as stickers, ribbons, beads, stamps, and other decorative materials. It’s perfect for those who enjoy crafting and want to add a personal touch to their memories.

Digital photo books

If you prefer an online option, create a digital photo book and turn it into a keepsake by printing and binding it. With digital memory books, you can easily add text, edit photos, and share them with family members and friends who live far away.

How to create a family memory book

Now that you know the types of memory books, let’s discuss some tips for creating a family memory book that perfectly encapsulates your cherished moments:

  1. Gather Your Memories: To begin with, gather all the significant photos, letters, artwork, and souvenirs that capture the unique story of your family. Expand your horizons and think beyond just assembling stacks of photos; otherwise, you’ll end up with just an ordinary photo album. Instead, seek out old photos, postcards, ticket stubs, plane tickets, and greeting cards. If a family member was mentioned in a local newspaper, it’s definitely worth including. Remember to involve every family member, as each one may offer different perspectives and contributions. View your memory book as a tangible representation of your family history, and let it inspire you to find creative ways to tell stories.
  2. Organise the Content: Chronologically organise your memories, or try a thematic approach by focusing on special events and milestones. Choose a momentous occasion to act as the beginning of the story, such as the birth of a child. Whatever memories you choose, make sure they flow logically and seamlessly.
  3. Create a narrative: When showcasing the beautiful lives of your family members, take a moment to consider how you want to present their uniqueness and remarkable stories. Craft an overarching narrative that encompasses shared experiences like holidays, family reunions, and celebrations. For added depth and context, you might consider dedicating individual chapters to each family member. For instance, if your child excels in sports, a chapter highlighting their passion and achievements would be fitting. Infuse your memories with captivating captions, concise descriptions, and heartfelt anecdotes that truly capture their essence.
  4. Get creative with layout: Experiment with layouts, backgrounds, and fonts to add interest to your memory book. Use a mix of portrait and landscape photos for variety or create collages to save space while showcasing multiple memories on one page. Try using different photo sizes, shapes and orientations to keep things visually interesting. Embrace technology to enhance layouts, and to add photos, mementos, and messages at your convenience. A memory book is a work in progress; keep adding to it whenever a new memory springs to mind.
  5. Add personal touches: To make your memory book even more special, add handwritten notes, drawings, or mementos from family members. These little touches will make the book feel more intimate and personalised. Don’t forget to add captions and short stories that provide context and evoke emotions.
  6. Get Everyone Involved: Collaboration is a natural aspect of being part of a family. As family members play a significant role in our life stories, it is important to encourage their active participation and collaboration. Creating a memory book together can be a delightful and bonding experience. Engaging family members, particularly children, in the process will not only make it enjoyable but also fun!

Consider ordering multiple copies

Creating a digital memory book offers the advantage of easily ordering multiple printed copies all at once. It provides a simple and convenient way to produce duplicate albums, which can be cherished as delightful gifts for loved ones, whether it’s during the festive season or after memorable family occasions. This is the perfect gift for those who have been part of your life’s journey and have shared in numerous meaningful experiences with you.


There is something magical about flipping through the pages of a family memory book filled with shared memories, laughter, and love. Don’t let these cherished moments slip away. Use the tips and ideas provided in this post to create a family memory book that will be a treasured keepsake for years to come. And don’t forget to visit our family memory book option to ensure your memory book is of the highest quality!

Our Family Memory Book is a flush mount album featuring photographic paper in the lay-flat design. This high-quality print material has excellent dynamic range and a durable, fingerprint/scratch-resistant finish, making it perfect for long-term storage of family treasures!

Preserve your family’s memories today with Good Times Albums. Happy creating!

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