How to create a wedding album from your digital photos

Now that your wedding day is over, it’s time to start planning your wedding album! This can be a fun project to work on together as a couple. But where do you start? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! In this blog post, we will discuss the steps involved in creating a wedding album from your digital photos.


Gather the wedding photos

First, you will need to gather your photos. This can be done by searching through your wedding photographer’s online gallery/USB stick or by downloading the photos from your own digital camera. Once you have gathered all of your photos, it’s time to start sorting them. It’s a good idea to group them together…

  • Bride and groom getting ready
  • Bride and groom traveling to church/place of wedding
  • Build up outside/inside church/place of wedding
  • Bride coming down the aisle
  • The wedding proceedings
  • The big moment – exchange of vows/rings
  • The first kiss
  • Leaving the church/place of wedding
  • Wedding reception arrival
  • Family photos
  • The meal
  • The big speeches
  • Cutting the cake
  • First dance
  • The party
  • End of the night

How to pick my wedding album photos?

Once you have sorted your photos, it’s time to start picking the photos for your wedding album. This can be a daunting task, but don’t worry, we’re here to help! When choosing wedding album photos, think about what moments are most important to you.

We recommend a selection that tells the story of your day, with balanced mix-between documentary images and portraits. It should also flow well to make sure it’s not overwhelming for browser – we can help you finalise things so they don’t get lost in all those photos!

How many photos should I pick for my wedding album?

This is entirely up to you! A wedding album can range anywhere from 30 to 300 pages. The average wedding album tends to be around 50-60 pages.

When deciding on the number of photos for your wedding album, think about how many photos you would like to see on each page. The typical amount of photos is between 50 and 100 photos.

A typical book layout has two or three photographs on each page.

How many spreads should be in a wedding album?

A wedding album spread is a two-page layout that contains your photos. The number of spreads in a wedding album varies, depending on the size of the album and the number of photos you have chosen.

For example, a 30-page wedding album would typically have 15 spreads. A 60-page wedding album would typically have 30 spreads.


What resolution should my photos be for my wedding album designer?

When it comes to wedding albums, the quality of your photos is very important.

For the best possible print quality, we recommend that you provide your wedding album designer with photos that are at least 300 DPI, this should be supplied by your wedding photographer.

To assure the high quality of the printing, we request that you check the dimensions of each image supplied before submitting. This will ensure that each photo appears super sharp on the photo paper. Photos must be at least 2800px on one side.

How do I get started with designing my album?

It’s now time to select your album style, go to our shop section, and take a look at our different options. Once you’ve picked a style, pick the number of spreads and then decide on the finer details such as the cover and box type.

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