Layflat wedding album explained

A layflat wedding album is an album where the pages lay completely flat, so you can display your photos in double page spreads. This means that none of your beautiful imagery will be lost in the gutter or restricted to a single page. Lay-flat binding is a classic album making technique which has been around for many years and allows photographers to showcase their work beautifully.

How does layflat binding work?

The lay flat binding process begins by taking two pieces of paper and folding them in half, then stitching them together down the spine. Once this is complete, the pages are cut to size and glued to the cover material. This creates a book that can open completely flat, providing an uninterrupted view of your photos on both sides of the album.

How many pages could a layflat album have?

Most layflat albums have around 20-40 pages, but this can vary depending on the size and thickness of the album. If you need more or less pages, most printers can easily accommodate your request.

What sizes is layflat available in?

Layflat albums are available in a range of sizes, from the traditional 30cm x 30cm album to a longer horizontal format like 20cm x 30cm. If you have any specific requests, our team can work with you to create an album that meets your exact specifications.

What type of paper is used in layflat?

A layflat album is usually printed on a thicker, higher quality paper. This makes the pages layflat and ensures your image isn’t lost in the gutter or restricted to a single page, it creates a truly stunning browsing wedding album experience.

What cover could I have on a layflat album?

A layflat album can have a wide range of cover materials, including leather, fabric or leather. We also can provide embossed or overprint text styles for the cover titles. If you have any specific requests, our team can work with you to create an album that meets your exact specifications.

Alternative options for a layflat wedding albums

If you’re not interested in a layflat wedding album, there are a few other binding options that will give you similar results. Smyth sewn binding is a popular option which offers pages that lay completely flat. Alternatively, some albums use a perfect binding technique which can also give you good results.

What is the cost of a layflat wedding album?

The cost of a layflat wedding album will vary depending on the size, thickness and type of paper used. However, as a general rule, layflat albums tend to be more expensive than traditional albums. This is because they require additional steps in the printing process to ensure that all the pages layflat.

At Good Times Albums we can accommodate layflat albums in a variety of sizes with layflat pages. If you would like to know more about layflat wedding album options, please feel free to contact us

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